Healing the Addicted Brain

By: Harold Urschel "New, scientifically-based approaches that recognize the biological basis of addiction have brought major advances in the treatment of addiction. Dr. Urschel is at the forefront of this treatment paradigm." Dr. Larry Hanselka, Psychologist The Proven Scientific Approach to Conquering Addiction and Defeating the Disease Healing the Addicted Brain is a breakthrough work [...]

Signs & Symptoms of Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Article From: Valley Behavioural Health System Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an impulse-control disorder characterized by sudden episodes of unwarranted anger. The disorder is typified by hostility, impulsivity, and recurrent aggressive outbursts. People with IED essentially “explode” into a rage despite a lack of apparent provocation or reason. Individuals suffering from intermittent explosive disorder [...]

Differentiating attention deficit in adult ADHD and schizophrenia

Research Article From: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology Volume 22, Issue 6, August 2007, Pages 763–771 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acn.2007.06.004 Download pdf here By: Jens Egeland Abstract Most previous studies of attention deficit in ADHD and schizophrenia have used overall measures of inattention that may disguise differences in underlying mechanisms. The present study investigated types of inattentive errors and applied [...]

How to Shut Your Mouth — and Your Wallet

Poor impulse control can sabotage your relationships, your budget, and your self-esteem. Here, ADHD expert Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., shares his strategies for solving five common impulsivity problems at work, in social settings, and in your head. By: Russell Barkley, Ph.D. Do you feel like you're on a treadmill? Managing the daily details of life [...]

Relationship Problems of Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

By Tony Attwood The following article was recently published as the Foreword to an excellent and highly recommended new book: “The Partner's Guide to Asperger Syndrome” by Susan J. Moreno, Marci Wheeler and Kealah Parkinson, 2012, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. Introduction Adults with Asperger’s syndrome have difficulties acquiring relationship skills due to the defining [...]

The effect of ADHD on the life of an individual, their family, and community from preschool to adult life

By V A Harpin Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic, debilitating disorder which may impact upon many aspects of an individual’s life, including academic difficulties, social skills problems, and strained parent-child relationships.  Whereas it was previously thought that children eventually outgrow ADHD, recent studies suggest that 30–60% of affected individuals continue to show significant symptoms of the disorder into adulthood. Children with the disorder are at greater risk for longer term negative [...]