Dr Ashar Khan - Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr Ashar Khan


Specialist Psychiatrist
Neurodevelopmental Disorders

QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic
Asst. Prof. Bond University Faculty Of  Health Sciences and Medicine

Dr Ashar Khan has been in Private Practice at the Gold Coast for Twelve years. He has Ten years of experience as a Senior Staff Specialist at Queensland Health Emergency Psychiatric Services. He has attained Fellowship training in Addiction Psychiatry. He has been an Accredited Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Examiner for Specialist Examinations and Registrar Training Supervisor at Gold Coast Mental Health Service.

Dr Khan has attained extensive training and expertise in ADHD, Autistic Spectrum and Learning Disorders over the last ten years. He is a member of The World ADHD Federation, CHADD (USA), CADDRA (Canada) and is affiliated with a number of world experts in ADHD.

He is passionate about proper, evidence-based and comprehensive scientific early detection and diagnosis of ADHD in Children and Adults. He promotes early family involvement and self-awareness as he approaches ADHD as a diagnosis of excluding commonly co-existing problems which are often overlooked. These include Autistic Spectrum traits especially in high functioning girls and women and the often missed burden of Mental Health such as Depression and Anxiety.

Dr Khan has established QANC and GCSC as a “one-stop-shop” to allow for a holistic, shared and integrated scientific approach that is up to date with the latest worldwide advances. QANC and GCSC is established on principles of Empowerment and Autonomy for Mental Health sufferers.

QANC is founded on a client-tailored, multidimensional, Specialist led model clinical services incorporating Family, Carers and Partners.

As A Sub-Specialist in Neurocognitive Disorders for Children, Adolescents and Adults, Dr Khan Offers Expertise in:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders ASD/Asperger’s
  • Specific Learning Deficits
  • Dual Diagnosis: Neuro-cognitive – Developmental Disorders Co-existing with Addiction Behaviour
  • Addiction Behavours

Dr Sylvia Welgemoed


Consultant Paediatrician
Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Dr Sylvia brings 12 years of experience in General Paediatrics to QANC. Having completed her Medical training in South Africa, as well as additional training in Australia in Developmental Paediatrics, she offers a high level of comprehensive care for her patients. By studying and working across two continents as well as numerous regional and urban areas of Australia, Dr Sylvia adapts well in dealing with patients from differing backgrounds and aims in providing holistic care and educating families about treatment options as required. Her many years of training and work has seen her develop an interest in children with behaviour and development concerns and provide services such as:

• Working with parents, caregivers, children and educational staff on recognising ADHD, the impact it has on individuals functioning and assisting in management strategies, with or without using medications.

• Involvement in the diagnostic process and needs analysis of individuals with Autism.

She has an ongoing commitment to professional development to ensure optimum care
to her patients.