The relationship between sleep disorders and testosterone in men


Article From: Asian Journal of Andrology Year : 2014  |  Volume : 16  |  Issue : 2  | Page : 262-265 By: Gary Wittert Discipline of Medicine and Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Abstract Plasma testosterone levels display circadian variation, peaking during sleep, and reaching a nadir in the late afternoon, with a superimposed ultradian [...]

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6 Essential (and Often-Overlooked) Supplements for ADHD


Original Article from: Omega-3s for concentration. Zinc for impulsivity. Iron for better behavior. Plus three more ADHD supplements shown to improve symptoms. How to augment your treatment plan with vitamins and minerals that work — and skip those that don't. When to Go Beyond Food Most ADHD professionals recommend eating a diet full of [...]

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Sleep-Related Eating Disorders


By R. Robert Auger, MD Abstract Although they share similar features, there are important differences between nocturnal eating syndrome and sleep-related eating disorder, which can be elucidated with a careful history and evaluation. While the former is best characterized as an eating disorder with associated insomnia, the latter is classified as a parasomnia, and [...]

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